New Linked In Profile Peek

Sample of the new LinkedIn Profile October 2012.

Below you'll find LinkedIn's sample of the new profile being rolled out.  The new profile makes better use of graphics, and provides a generous amount of white space through out the layout which makes it easier to see and find things. Sections are more clearly called out, and the profile uses typography significantly better than the current layout.  The biggest differences I've noticed between the old LinkedIn profile layout and the new LinkedIn profile layout are:

1. 33% larger LinkedIn profile picture turns you into a hero. 

LinkedIn-old-Profile-pic-sizeLinkedIn-New-Profile-pic-sizeAccording to my measurements the new LinkedIn profile photo is 200px x 200px, versus the current profile picture which is 150px x 150px.  Therefore the new LinkedIn profile picture will be 33% larger.

Please note that this is an  extremely well selected photo, which looks directly up to the person's name.  The designer is using great eyeflow. This photo takes into consideration that you will always look where another person is looking or facing. Of course everybody likes to see their own name, so this makes you and your name the hero!  Think about it.  When you look at a piece of postal mail, you ALWAYS look at your name.  Most of us will look at it several times. Good marketing chioice!  

Of course, to my mind, photo selection on most LinkedIn profiles is very poor... but perhaps that is a separate discussion.


2. Bolder name set in sans-serif typeface.

As I mentioned above, LinkedIn designers have improved typography significantly, so your name will now stand out strongly compared to your name on the old LinkedIn profile.


3. Three strong section headings.

There are now three strong section headings on your new LinkedIn profile.




The old LinkedIn profile headings are gray, not very bold, with a gray rule underneath across the column.   This is diametrically opposed to their new design philosophy which makes it much easier to see skim a profile and find what the heck you are looking for.  The new graphic is a dark block with type reversed out.

The Background section contains the Experience, Education, and Skills subsections which are now anchored by new icons. The diploma icon that accompanies the word "Education"   is an obvious, yet very clear choice. 

Less successful are the icons which anchor the Experience and skills section.  The multiple file icon for Experience section is not immediately obvious (at least to me). Worse, however, is the compass representing skills.   Sorry, is that a mainstream skill that I'm just missing?  

Each job listing has an image at the right, presumably the company logo (if there is one) or perhaps something else. At this point it is not clear.  Regardless, the placeholder graphics are to generic to mean anything at this point.


4. New LinkedIn profile strength rank vs. profile % complete

The designers at LinkedIn have traded in the innocuous completion bar showing % complete, with a new designation called profile strength.  Profile strength is represented by a circle filled up to the top with color. Along with it is an ego stroking ranking designation versusthe simple number % complete.  The example showed what amounts to 98% complete and the designation of "All-Star". 



5. Added People you may know to the right of your profile card. 

This familiar tool now pops up right at the top. Of course the intent is to help you connect with more people. I doing so you generate more page views, and more page views translates into more advertising opportunities for LinkedIn.  Notice, that there are only 4 pictures of these suggested people you may know.  The size of the photos makes it easier to see who they are and perhaps recognize. them.  Quality vs. quantity!


6. New company centric graphic of your network.

Given the amount of space allotted for the right hand column, you aren't going to get too much detail.  In this sample, the profile guy works at Zoomjax, and presumably that's where his network is centered. Since there is only one other company called out (FixDex) I'm not sure how useful this really is.  It is unclear:

  • How many companies will be shown
  • Whether or not company names will show when the smaller circles are moused-over
  • Whether or not you'll be able to hide this on your profile
  • Why they chose that color palate
  • Why the relative sizes aren't mathematical (35 should almost be half of 76, not 3x the size)


7. People also viewed photos are significantly larger.

Again, I assume to make it easier for you to recognize them. There are only four listed in the sample.  It is unclear whether or not more will be shown.  I think they have missed an opportunity to provide information here. Instead of just, who else was looked at, how about when (what day).  It seems to me that that info could be helpful for you to know.


8. Skills and expertise don't show one-click endorsements!

On the sample provided, skills are back to simple gray tiles with no endorsements.


9. New Connection Gallery

At the very bottom of the profile is a gallery of connections.  Four rows of 9 actross. The photos, as elsewhere are larger. There is no indication of their relative importance to you.  They could be:

  • The people you interact with the most
  • Co-workers (former or present)
  • Your newest contacts
  • Just be a rotating group
  • Selected and arranged by the user
  • Those people who are contacts, but you really don't know them that well


10. Questions abound.

Perhaps the sample is there to show the things that are either new, or that have the most changes. This design is clean, but it is missing many of the items we have come to expect on the LinkedIn profile. Questions abound:

  • Will you have the ability to move sections around?
  • Where do the widgets like SlideShare and Dropbox go? Will they be moveable?
  • There is no sign of group membership on the sample.  Will that just be at the bottom as usual, or removed from the profile? 
  • What happened to the personal and contact info on the new proflile? 

More comments to come...   In the mean while, take a look below at the total package!